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About me

  • About me

    Hello All.~ My name is Lizzy or known as Inu at times thanks to my username. I made my account around 2007 o-e so I'm pretty old here on this website!! I wanted to say that I make some glogs about my life and updates out to everybody how I've been at times. Also I make POETRY on here too , as of lately I'm not the greatest but I have my moments to post something worth it all. I do have other things out there on this account for you too check it out if you wish.~ You can also follow me o
  • Music

    one word : life


  • Lifestyle

    Um - I don't think you wish to know.. four words for ya. . .I don't have a life.


  • Others

    I just miss one person on here. . . NOT, I miss a lot of my older friends on the old Glogster. EDU sucks by the way.~ Also, like I said, check out my other sites that I'm on. Most active is Facebook and Twitter.

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