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Adam at Newington Armory @ Sydney Olympic Park

Adam at Newington Armory @ Sydney Olympic Park


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musicmaniac300 added this comment  2011-03-15 00:08:53-05:00

haha thats awesome!!!!! sounds like lots of fun and a lot of walking!! awesome glog :)

den89 added this comment  2011-04-12 12:16:32-05:00

this is awesome :] cool and fun :]

winddancer added this comment  2011-03-21 11:13:25-05:00

Brilliant Glog. Great pic of Adam :)

sunsetsunrise added this comment  2011-03-14 16:08:10-05:00

the bronze sculpture of the men to the right is amazing. true talent.

skyeclearwater added this comment  2011-04-14 01:54:46-05:00

Awesome, looks like an amazing place to be inspired in :)

sora6 added this comment  2011-03-13 21:17:40-05:00

nice statues:3

jag2910 added this comment  2011-03-13 21:16:51-05:00

Yes, Mandy, it was a long walk between places for me! It is such a vast place and building spread out all over, I thought they'd all be in together! And it's all heritage protected and has 24 hour guards patrolling the grounds! Huge! It's like being out in the country! Lovely spot!!!

gothgirl added this comment  2011-03-13 19:29:53-05:00

no wonder he didnt want to leave..this is the pics:) was this where u had to walk miles lol

marie3 added this comment  2011-03-13 10:26:03-05:00

Lovely pictures my friend, wish i was there! 5* alert!:)

perkymoon added this comment  2011-03-13 09:02:31-05:00

Nice pics !! 5*s for Adam !!

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