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Adam's Bronze Sculpture Pouring

Adam's Bronze Sculpture Pouring


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langnodenti1980 added this comment  2012-12-13 15:38:28-06:00

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jag2910 added this comment  2011-06-24 08:52:10-05:00

The crucible full of molten bronze has to be carefully poured in to the moulds. The bottom right hand photo is of the moulds with the molten bronze before they cool. The top middle photo of a crucible SO hot it looks like it's glowing! It's hot work with all the protective clothing and all the heat...

vivien added this comment  2009-08-25 07:03:34-05:00

Great glog jan you'll have to get a picture of the finished product.Adam is very talented.

magoobear added this comment  2009-08-25 06:16:46-05:00

wow that looks cool! [well actually hot but you know what i mean!] what an unbelieveable temperature!! great pics!

jojothedogfacedboy added this comment  2009-08-25 05:34:02-05:00

wow great pictures i knew a girl that hot long time ago what was her name?

gadget added this comment  2009-08-25 01:34:40-05:00

wow so hot,would love to see what it looks like when its finished,adam must be a really talented guy,great glog janette x

hellsinger added this comment  2009-08-25 00:32:45-05:00

That's Awesome that Adam get's to do things like that. He's very talented Jag, you must be proud.

brooque613 added this comment  2009-08-24 23:42:44-05:00

WOW! That's crazy! But so cool! =D :o)

proves added this comment  2009-10-25 18:55:58-05:00

Interesting and cool! I'd like to see the final result!

chalkdawg added this comment  2009-10-24 15:04:11-05:00

Bronze is such a wonderful metal. The Bronze Age rocked! 5 woofs.

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