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angelina8 added this comment  2014-03-23 09:28:50-05:00

Or you can call a service if your having promblems

angelina8 added this comment  2014-03-22 23:09:15-05:00

You should of saw her memorial it's so sad to see a person get builled.

angelina8 added this comment  2014-03-22 23:08:04-05:00

I agree builling is old and so harsh to go through so tell someone right it happens.

angelina8 added this comment  2014-03-22 23:05:41-05:00

Amanda Todd didn't deserve this no one who gets builled should kill their selfes talk to an adult if you have a promblem with a person.

angelina8 added this comment  2014-03-22 23:03:30-05:00

You didn't know amanda todd like that but don't say things like that on the internet noone should feel like that to kill their self's.

floraldream added this comment  2012-11-17 17:48:03-06:00

None of you should feel bad.She was a slut.She lied.She flashed to a ton of people!There are pics to prove it.She was also in a relationship with someone who was already in one.She was also a bitch to everyone.But when a girl gets bullied for no reason , no one gives 2 shits.

2cute4you3514 added this comment  2012-11-06 20:07:32-06:00

da fuck do u need to bullt for now look what the fuck yaull did!! i am mad now

jasmine86 added this comment  2012-11-02 12:34:35-05:00

agreed(: people need to stop bullying it's getting so fuckng old......

sgomez101 added this comment  2012-11-01 15:23:58-05:00

omg my teacher told are class about this and right when i got home i watched the video.I mean nobody deserves to be bullied to death if i went to her school i would defintley stand up for her,SHE IS BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED and even if she was not those things she still does not deserve this.nobody does i mean she moved schools three times because of it so for those bullies i really hope they learn there lesson

victoriamorgan18 added this comment  2012-10-31 14:46:29-05:00

I heard about this on facebook and felt bad about her cause its the people that bully her that made her do it and like my friend was telling me about her she said people kept on bulling her and would not leave her alone and she done moved away so many times and she had enough of it so she killed herself and people that are gonna bully someone needs to think twice before doing it. 1 reason is that it can hurt them or killed them and 2 its mean and it shows you as a bully and nobody wants to be a friend with a bully.

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