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About me

  • About me

  • Music

    I'm a huge fan of music, I will listen to just about anything aside from country and rap... I can only stand alittle from those genres.


    At the moment I do not have cable, so I've been watching alot of things online. And I LOVE movies! I'm not sure which kind I don't like... but I like alot.
  • Lifestyle

    I live a pretty simple life in a middle class home. I try to do the right thing and love my friends and family.


    I am not into sports... the only games I attend are football games and that is because of the band and the time I get to spend with my friends.
  • Arts

    I'm a very artsy person. I love being creative and creating something cool. My biggest passion is photography and I'm currently working very hard to save up for an SLR camera that will give me much better quality pictures than the simple


    I love alot!

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