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About me

  • About me

    I am a very fun girl to be around! i love sports and I`m very energetic! I`m very loving,caring and very nice. When ever anyone is having a bad day i know how to bring up their mood.. (: I`m a social-butterfly (: everyone always finds me fun to be around and a very attractive person I hope you do to.!
  • Music

    I love pop & hip-hop mostly i listen to christain music to but My jam is hip- hop mostly! My favorite stations are 106.1, 97.9, and 104.5 (:


    I`m a lover of like horror movies but onnly if someone is by myside.. (: i love drama,romance and comedy... (: I watch movies all the time (: When I Watch T.V you will mostly see me watching nickelodeon,teennick,MTV, and lots more if it`s intresting to me I`ll watch it.! Imma all around chick.!
  • Lifestyle

    I am a christian girl and My life is followed by Jesus <3 i try and do the right thing and do what Jesus would do.. <333


    I love all sports but imma beast a Basketball.!! Whoa There.! I play Basketball for competion (when i have too) but mostly i play for fun with my guy friends. (:

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