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cottenball added this comment  2013-12-08 16:14:29-06:00

so true

cupcake351234 added this comment  2013-11-10 12:51:33-06:00

true shizz bitches

pukalila82 added this comment  2013-10-01 16:57:55-05:00

So true, and they don't even realize it till they've really hurt her, which is too late!

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cutequotes1511 added this comment  2013-08-30 20:15:34-05:00


cherylann12 added this comment  2013-08-27 14:14:10-05:00

so true they have to realize that it can hurt us

cottenball added this comment  2013-08-19 22:13:46-05:00

so true .03

dressageman8 added this comment  2013-07-10 08:41:21-05:00

So true. Show this to more boys!

xblakex123 added this comment  2013-07-09 21:38:28-05:00


vanessa78 added this comment  2013-07-09 20:59:33-05:00


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gaellehabon added this comment  2013-05-29 18:09:05-05:00

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