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About me

  • About me

    I love love love love love love and sometimes baseball .I play center ,left guard,sometimes defenceive lineman.And for baseball I play pitcher and sub for second base!
  • Music

    I play the cello ,acustic gutar ,drums (sometimes) I also played the recorder in third grade and almost made it to the purple belt witch is a step below black belt!


    I watch ghost hunters sometimes and like to watch star wars with my family !
  • Lifestyle

    wicked fun and sometimes I get surprized with alot of things and just love it.


    I play football,basket ball,baseball,swimming and sometimeshockey with my friends!
  • Arts

    I like to draw and paint.


    I`m the last to wake up in my family by far and like to play football with my little brother and let him win because hes only 6 and im 11.


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