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Who Is The Queen Of Pop

Who Is The Queen Of Pop


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greengaga000 added this comment  2012-03-29 15:46:02-05:00

I totally think gaga she is the best don't hate.

brattybrittee added this comment  2012-03-09 10:35:10-06:00

im with kellyswag katy perry

princessofdestiny added this comment  2012-03-09 10:26:31-06:00

You guys are SO WRONG! It's GAGA who's the Queen of Pop! She doesn't write songs about stupid things unlike a lot of people!

moonlightproductions added this comment  2012-03-06 14:05:57-06:00

Beyonce.. Shes been at it longest xD

tabithamorris14 added this comment  2012-02-28 16:37:34-06:00

deff beyonce :)

dwaygirl added this comment  2012-02-28 16:37:15-06:00

Beyonce....2nd Rihanna

jazzdiamond532 added this comment  2012-02-28 08:10:52-06:00

beyonce !!! she has been for awhile

cake8 added this comment  2012-02-26 16:24:34-06:00

Beyonce and I also think Lady Gaga!!

kellyswag added this comment  2012-02-26 12:21:42-06:00

sorry i'm a Katy parry fan

springmarie added this comment  2012-02-25 22:52:58-06:00


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