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like it!!!!!


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thewickedcookieoftheeast added this comment  2012-01-01 14:45:32-06:00

Oh and kassie, last time i checked u wernt my mother and you wernt bobbies mum either. Good Day to you....I dont want to speak to you no more :D XXXXXX BAI -bri

thewickedcookieoftheeast added this comment  2011-12-30 21:53:44-06:00

umm,,,,you cant hurt me....bobbie and i r cool me n u rnt ok? So u leave me alone the only reason i deleted my glogster was because of think ur all cool but the truth is u really rnt if you keep calling me names like you do....alright? So Just shut ur mouth bout me and i DONT WANT to talk to YOU ok? Leave me alone -Bri

kassidykayne18493 added this comment  2011-12-30 18:58:44-06:00


kassidykayne18493 added this comment  2011-12-30 18:01:03-06:00

first of all you was a stuck up b#@%$ from the first i dont like you and never did...i dk how u have any friends becuz all u do is grip i dc bout u and nea will u dnt wanna b friends thts fine but u leave me and my lil sis alone gotit??? kk bye do us all a favor and delete ur gog like b4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!X-D

thewickedcookieoftheeast added this comment  2011-12-30 15:37:38-06:00

your not her controller....just cuz we aint friends doesnt mean bobbie and i cant b friends we both can be friends....she sent the request....and i accept....and you rnt my controller either i can be her friend if i want regardless if your her sister or not..!

kassidykayne18493 added this comment  2011-12-30 15:34:07-06:00

y cuz its not rude and i want 2 b ur friend cuz u r friends with my sis sooooo if u ont wanna b my friend then u not my sis's friend......

thewickedcookieoftheeast added this comment  2011-12-30 10:41:01-06:00

no...n please stop dnt send me friend requests ok? thankxx hun :D -Bri

kassidykayne18493 added this comment  2011-12-29 18:30:46-06:00

hey can we plz tlk on a message cuz i got to tell you something kk

thewickedcookieoftheeast added this comment  2011-12-29 17:52:24-06:00

yesh! its so frickinb annoying! All I want is to have no frickin alerts on my pulse!! >:(

kerment123 added this comment  2011-12-29 15:53:10-06:00

now there is erorr types

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