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About me

  • About me

    Not much to say about me, but I'm Kimmy. I go to Riverview Jr./Sr. High School, in Oakmont,PA. I'm a sophmore. (sucks) I have a few BEST friends that i can trust with my life. I have a tough home life, but i guess everyone does these days? I'm Single! <3 but hmu anyways :D
  • Music

    icp. boondox. twizted. rock. rap. country. ADTR. A7X. Rise Against.


    ghost adventures. any crime show. 1,000 ways to die.
  • Lifestyle

    average for a teenager


    basketball. volleyball. track && field
  • Arts

    none :/


    If you dont like me then i dont care im not going to change for you :D SINGLE :3


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