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My twin sis dyl DREU i look better then her!

My twin sis dyl DREU i look better then her!


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missknoitall4lyfe added this comment  2012-03-10 17:30:51-06:00

awwww both sister's so adorable and i have twin brothers and sisters so i kno what u mean when u say fight and things but good luck

mylolover added this comment  2012-03-07 09:47:10-06:00

yo u guys are so pertty

kaylaproctor added this comment  2012-03-04 20:25:42-06:00

awwwwwwwwwww dats cute i wish i had a dam twin like shit

palmer32 added this comment  2012-02-29 19:42:57-06:00

Cute :)

ecselfmade12 added this comment  2012-02-22 15:58:24-06:00

I still cnt tell the difference :(

shaixxswagg added this comment  2012-02-19 13:04:29-06:00

Y'all Look Pretty Kota Nh

sexyasyouwannabe added this comment  2012-02-19 12:59:21-06:00

damn yall sexy sis!!!!

trinity13khold added this comment  2012-02-11 23:35:33-06:00

Omg there twin and ur cute no homo

rockerchik added this comment  2012-02-10 19:45:24-06:00

You Guys Are So Pretty..I Would Like To Know You Guys Better

dylanlovesyuh added this comment  2012-02-09 20:50:00-06:00

no kota i look better!

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