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When My Computer Freezes...

When My Computer Freezes...


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shsvocalstrand added this comment  2012-05-17 15:02:21-05:00


neollegurl added this comment  2012-05-08 13:45:55-05:00

I ask it nicely to unfreeze then if it doesn't I break down and cry... :/

tweeters1 added this comment  2012-04-21 11:05:03-05:00

i try to restart it then start clicking on it

stella1001 added this comment  2012-04-20 22:12:13-05:00

i just yell at it till someone does something 2 it

yumrumgum added this comment  2012-04-16 19:47:48-05:00

ikr, we all do that :)

smile-today-for-tomorrow-will-be-worse added this comment  2012-04-16 19:47:27-05:00

is what I do xD