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Janice-Artemis Fowl

Janice-Artemis Fowl


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dayforpestsinf1987 added this comment  2012-12-13 23:49:09-06:00

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shaiksyasya added this comment  2010-08-12 07:57:59-05:00


miki312 added this comment  2011-03-17 21:50:38-05:00

Love Artemis!

chopperkins added this comment  2009-05-31 06:49:02-05:00


marciorocha added this comment  2009-05-26 02:26:09-05:00

Escreva seu texto...

lolzz added this comment  2009-06-04 21:43:43-05:00

I'm not too sure where to buy the book because I bought mine in Australia (I'm not saying that you have to buy a plane ticket to Australia to buy the book haha). There are some of them in the Library in the Junior Fiction section. It's missing The Eternity Code, The Lost Colony and The Time Paradox though.

melanie97 added this comment  2009-06-04 20:40:44-05:00

TOTALLY AWESOME JANICE!!! I love the music as well, it really goes with the type of book. Your description of the book is excellent! It makes me really want to read it! Where can you buy the book? I would like to ask my mum if she could get it for me, it seems really good! :D

cheaphdtv added this comment  2011-05-16 04:17:15-05:00;Exclusive_Watch_2011_French_Open_Live_Online

cheaphdtv added this comment  2011-05-05 09:16:14-05:00

doodlypop added this comment  2010-05-25 17:32:49-05:00

luv artimas fowl

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