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Funny and cute Ferret videos!!!:)

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Funny and cute Ferret videos!!!:)


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animalplanet added this comment  2011-03-31 16:03:19-05:00

Hello, my name is David Yourgrau and I work for the Animal Planets television show "America's Cutest Pets". We are currently searching for the cutest animal videos to air on our special. If interested, please email me at with the information below: 1. Subject: America's Cutest Pets - Attention David 2. Your Name, email address and phone number 3. The name of the video(s) with the link(s) below 4. Your dogs name, gender and breed 5. Whether you own the rights to the video Once I receive your contact information I will reply to your email with instructions on how to upload your video (it takes less than 3 minutes) as well as our Animal Planet Release (which states you own the video and are allowing us to use it). If you want to know how your clip would be used please go to America's Cutest Dog or America's Cutest Cat to see some of the clips we picked for that show: If you have

lionlover129 added this comment  2010-06-17 21:35:29-05:00

Awesome Glog :D 1 cover your mouth with your hand 2 make a wish in it 3 close ur hand (make it into a fist) 4 hold ur hand (make it into a fist) for 5 sec. 5 send this to 3 glogs 6 tommorow will be the best day of ur life

gothgirl added this comment  2010-05-02 20:00:52-05:00

aww cute as!!:)

proves added this comment  2010-05-02 12:46:50-05:00

Cute! well done!

chalkdawg added this comment  2010-05-02 11:50:43-05:00

Oh, those are a hoot! Love the glog and videos. 5 woofs!!

pennstater101 added this comment  2010-05-02 08:37:40-05:00

yay he got the treats

cicdonekr added this comment  2010-05-02 07:55:45-05:00

sooooooo funny! i like the treats one...

michael5 added this comment  2010-05-02 07:54:03-05:00

LOL Very funny my friend!

marie3 added this comment  2010-05-02 04:55:00-05:00

How cute and funny are they, love it good glog!:) 5* alert!