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Happy, Sad , Angry~

Happy, Sad , Angry~


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jordanself1 added this comment  2013-05-26 16:37:26-05:00

Hi! :3

mmc0208 added this comment  2013-04-07 19:21:42-05:00

Lynda : Because (I know this might sound like I have no friends lol but don't worry, I have friends xD) he is my like, best friend. :PP

jordanself1 added this comment  2013-02-24 17:30:51-06:00

Look, I like crying. I'm so sorry. :(

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lillykami added this comment  2012-10-11 01:40:55-05:00

How do you add music to a Glog~?

spamjunke added this comment  2012-10-02 07:41:33-05:00

This is deep....I respect this a lot...

fostedflames added this comment  2012-09-25 09:06:48-05:00

that is pretty sad but at least she is happy

dstapp added this comment  2012-09-12 10:16:32-05:00

i woundered if she really felt that way when she left me...

lyndalitaloves added this comment  2012-09-02 12:01:55-05:00

grumpy: I know. Mmc: AWWHY!D:

mmc0208 added this comment  2012-09-01 16:03:57-05:00

Aww :( I'm gonna feel this way once my dog dies ;,(

grumpybear84 added this comment  2012-08-28 19:46:35-05:00

it makes me wana cry :(:(

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