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About me

  • About me

    Hello Everyone! :) * Simple Run down of my life. -I'm Alyssa. -I'm 17. -Senior In High School. Class of 2013. -Work at Millville Health Center, Nursing Home. -<3 -ilovemeeting new people! -ilovetexting, writing music & teaching signlanguage to others. Anything Else. Ask. Pretty simple.
  • Music

    Relient K, Life House, Audio Adrenaline, & Jesse McCartney, & Nicki Minaj. (:


    Hangover, The Ringer, American Pie, Friends, How I Met Your Mother,Smallville,Sports Channel[Icehockey;]
  • Lifestyle

    Pretty good. Not bad at all. :)


    Lacrosse, Soccer & FieldHockeyy(:
  • Arts

    Potteryy&Painting 2, Photography, weaving(:

Wanted Glog by Lyssaa;)

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