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This Love


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madlibsxox added this comment  2009-08-14 22:06:32-05:00

Yes I do Alpha 0 the music player and place it in fun places. Usually on peoples heads or in this case on top of the 'I love you'

magoobear added this comment  2009-08-14 15:45:55-05:00

aaah the veronicas! i LOVE their songs, their lyrics are brill!! lol and great glog to go with it!

asleepwithcompasses added this comment  2009-08-14 12:33:31-05:00

This is so good! But...I don't understand the music's...invisible! =O Do you have it alpha 0? Anyway, nice work! BUMP! ~ aw/c

prepichik added this comment  2009-08-23 16:56:10-05:00

KOOL wats the name of the song??

abbilovesyou added this comment  2009-08-14 08:24:46-05:00

nice glog did you take the photo?