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lean like a emo *lyrics*

lean like a emo *lyrics*


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bellaxxx added this comment  2009-03-07 08:21:21-06:00

x] x] dude you should that comment on the glog so no one would be offended freak x] x]

maggytriplex added this comment  2009-03-07 07:59:45-06:00

just wanna say that i dint mean to offend any one i just really like the song =]

idontcareanymore added this comment  2010-03-30 13:54:31-05:00


xxlithiumxx added this comment  2009-04-01 13:53:13-05:00

tahts awesome! xD!! lovin it!

sonaive added this comment  2010-04-21 17:48:45-05:00

haha best song ever! loove ur glog! XD

snowdog106 added this comment  2010-03-14 13:23:21-05:00

This is the best glog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!