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Scotty Contest Template by maiks

Scotty Contest Template by maiks


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goodlove4u added this comment  2012-05-04 02:09:04-05:00

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maiks added this comment  2012-03-16 01:46:42-05:00

hehe thanks bethy! =)

patmahine added this comment  2012-03-14 23:36:46-05:00

hey maiks its me bethy-o i really like urs you should do more and send me even more if dat makes any sense

maiks added this comment  2012-03-14 00:46:07-05:00

hehe lol Blaizey!

blaizey added this comment  2012-03-13 20:20:29-05:00

Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low Put some music on that's soft and slow Baby we ain't got no place to go I hope you understand hahahaha :D nice glog!

dwayneculifer added this comment  2012-03-12 22:58:26-05:00

tiannawhipp added this comment  2012-03-12 12:07:02-05:00

Nice! I like yours too ((:

maiks added this comment  2012-03-12 05:04:21-05:00

hehe =) Thanks! i liked yours as well! It shows how much of country guy Scotty is!

asdfjklover added this comment  2012-03-12 00:37:43-05:00

Hey this is neat! Goooo SCOTTY EH? I like it! :) Hope you can check mine out too and help me out as well! Good luck! :)