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ameliastone added this comment  2012-08-14 02:24:48-05:00

Once I walked up to one of my friends that I really liked (He's not at my school anymore) and said "Watashi wa anata o aishite". One of my other friends knew what I said and cracked up laughing, I don't know if he has figured out what I said yet... :(

mezzopiano added this comment  2012-08-13 13:10:56-05:00

キレイだし、美しいし、日本語じょうず!すごいよ! あ、マジックは魔法ともよぶよ! I hope you understand all this, ha ha!

cuteiepie333 added this comment  2012-08-10 17:08:35-05:00

work i meant -__-

cuteiepie333 added this comment  2012-08-10 17:08:29-05:00

yoi shigoto :D,or should i say good job,hijo ni sozo-teki keep up the good wrok :D

bowzrox added this comment  2012-08-10 16:58:34-05:00

Watashi wa sore o aisuru !! (I love it) <3

prevkittiy added this comment  2012-08-10 16:52:52-05:00

that's awesome or I should say sugoi ^.^ *giggles*