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About me

  • About me

    im donuty which is a lover of donuts and nutty donuty, you better not ware it out cauz its mine
  • Music

    i <3 the songs shake and moves like jagger


    fave movie:dolphin tale fave show: icarly
  • Lifestyle

    I like to be outside most of the time


    softball, basketball, cross country,football who da man...........i da man.............well really a girl but............... never mind
  • Arts

    i like drawing but i don't think i am the best at it


    1 crazy bro, 2 bff's, 2 ex boyfriends, 0 boyfriend, so many crushes i can't name them all, 1 ex bff, 1 ex friend, 1 person dating my overall crush which i don't like her or hate her, 2 bullies

anna parks

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