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About me

  • About me

    i'm the best person you will ever encounter in your life... let's just put it that way.
  • Music

    vocaloid music {of course!} しかし、私も好きマイ·ケミカル·ロマンス^ ^ ~ ♥


    i watch a bunch of anime.... "Angel Beats!" is my all time favorite ;)
  • Lifestyle

    pretty awesome, i suppose....?


    soccer..... それはそれについてです >.< no other sports really amuse me enough to pursue them... *sigh*
  • Arts

    singing is super cooooowl.... and i like to draw ALL THE TIME. especially manga ^^ i'm kinda trying to learn the piano right now... fun? i kinda suck >____<


    i hate mustard with a PASSION, i'm deathly afraid of clowns,standardized tests are my worst enemies -.-,my favorite animals are hippos, cows, and horsies ^^ and that's about all you need to know, dear friends...

Happy Birthday Gerard

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