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About me

  • About me

    ---->AWESOME ----->Beautiful ---->Cute ------>lover ----->REspectful ---->Hugger ------->Drinker --------->Non SMoker ----->LOVE MUSIC -------->I WANT SNAKEBITES -------->I want a monkey Tattoo --------->I hate my life?
  • Music

    ROCK,SCREAMO,HARDCORE, Favorite bands are: Afi,Bring me the Horizon, Miss may I, Suicide silence,Drop dead Gorgeous, Escape the fate, Fall out boy, Hawthorne heightsm Aiden,...Senses FAil, Alesana, Blood on the Dance floor, Justin Bieber, Bullet4MyValent


    Supernatual... Favorite movie ummm------->Alice in wonderland?
  • Lifestyle


glog-Boyfirend and I

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