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For the Love of a Daughter

For the Love of a Daughter


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ordinarysmilegirl added this comment  2013-07-22 10:29:57-05:00

This glog is a very different style. It goes great with the song!!! It is very lovely <3 amazing job on it :))

thesebrilliantlies added this comment  2013-07-12 23:58:38-05:00

Gorgeous glog Jaci. I love your style sooo much. It's really different.

cindybm added this comment  2013-07-11 13:48:20-05:00

I've always loved this song. Such a beautiful glog C:

pandaxcamel added this comment  2013-07-10 15:06:13-05:00

Very heartfelt and emotional. Wonderfully designed glog.

ellemra added this comment  2013-07-10 14:53:53-05:00

Such a sad, yet beautiful song From Demi. Though, it cant be compared to Demi's voice, this cover does the song much justice. And the way you expressed it in your glog, is breathtaking. Love the pictures and graphics.