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Shooting Star -Owl City-

Shooting Star -Owl City-


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vivthegreat added this comment  2013-09-21 13:59:38-05:00

great song, great glog (:

blackygirl added this comment  2013-07-04 10:07:05-05:00

This Is Sooo Beautiful <3<3

angelcutieio added this comment  2013-06-22 18:11:46-05:00

This is an amazing glog. I wish I could do glogs like this. I've tried and failed LOL

montereygirl14 added this comment  2013-06-05 17:13:48-05:00

Yeah I'm jealous too. Its annoying how amazing you are :P Bravo, this is gorgeous!:)

cindybm added this comment  2013-06-05 17:08:47-05:00

Oh my gosh this is so beautiful. I'm jealous.