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Britney Baby!! <3

Britney Baby!! <3


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pimpdoddle added this comment  2012-05-16 18:10:08-05:00

you have preety eyesi love them i wish i had eyeslike you girl!! hehehe(: abd you are also pretty as well haha(: and i love your glog girl the bom !!! :) ♥

yumrumgum added this comment  2012-04-15 09:14:38-05:00

:) ik u been through some tough times, but the way ur smiling here, shows ur a strong person and thats great overall :)

str8swagga added this comment  2012-04-07 16:48:34-05:00

I love your eyes you look so beautiful

mizlilshorty added this comment  2012-04-07 16:08:18-05:00

awwh britney you look so gorgeous=) i love your eyes n your hair ^.^!! -laura