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What happened to you, my special someone?

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What happened to you, my special someone?


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gothgirl added this comment  2012-09-16 19:01:08-05:00

awesome glog!

tabithamorris14 added this comment  2012-08-22 12:11:53-05:00

I love this,

xxjustxsmilingxx added this comment  2012-08-21 19:09:36-05:00

i was here, already? o.o its rlly sad :( what happened to him? and more importantly, what happened to u? o.o i didnt recognize u by ur pic

pandaxcamel added this comment  2012-08-01 07:53:49-05:00

Absolutely beautiful!

gulledge12345 added this comment  2012-07-23 18:23:38-05:00

this is sweet

msdarlene added this comment  2012-07-20 11:48:26-05:00


cake8 added this comment  2012-07-20 10:20:35-05:00


yumrumgum added this comment  2012-07-20 10:11:19-05:00

cool :) idk if its real or what, but if it is, good luck :)