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You and Me By Lifehouse

You and Me By Lifehouse


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visualinsanity added this comment  2012-10-06 17:16:43-05:00

I just wanted to say thanks for a comment you made on one of my glogs...I think it was a chevelle song i did! Now....this is or has always been a favorite song of did this song good here in this glog!! great job!

pandaxcamel added this comment  2012-08-01 08:14:15-05:00

Awww.. this song.. <3

gothgirl added this comment  2012-06-25 19:13:35-05:00

aww lovely:)

stevehughes added this comment  2012-06-23 16:22:44-05:00

amazing glog :)

sarahjade12 added this comment  2012-06-17 14:41:35-05:00

I love it!

blackviolet9 added this comment  2012-06-16 12:14:28-05:00

oh my gosh that give is just adorable :)

roylovesdinosaurs added this comment  2012-06-16 08:03:29-05:00

This is amazing.

abegnaud added this comment  2012-06-15 12:25:51-05:00

Dang beautiful. :)

yumrumgum added this comment  2012-06-09 10:09:57-05:00

i'll never be able to make amazing glogs. this is awesome, dani