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Unfinished Glog #2FreeWrite

Unfinished Glog #2FreeWrite


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partiegurl added this comment  2012-02-17 09:20:23-06:00

I like to go to the Battlefield Mall in Springfield... it has really awesome store places. My brother and his girlfriend and i went like last year to the mall and walked around and shopped together... IT WAS SO FUN!!!!! First we went to a Prom store and looked at the long beautiful dresses that Maddie (brother's girlfriend) bought for her prom night. It was really pretty and it was purple and long. Then after we went to Zumies and looked around and then went to more stores in the mall then out to eat without no parents... i think. :I) (: !!!!!FUN!!!!!

warrior6562 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:15:06-06:00

Trenton's Post: Free Write: I like to express myself by confusing people in conversations with big words. Obsolete genocide is quite mesmerizing. I also like to confuse people by using conjunctures, conjectures, prepositions, and other grammatical tidbits that people wouldn't usually express in a conversation. It is obvious that I thought that I believed what you didn't say the day after yesterday.

claymoredeath added this comment  2012-02-17 09:14:40-06:00

Our Xbox 360 got the red ring of death three times yesterday. I unplugged it for three hours and when I turned it on, it was fine the when I put in Skyrim it was fine, until it got to the main menu. The screen went black and the Xbox started flashing with the red ring of death. If anyone has a way to fix it please tell me. I played on my dads Xbox and made up a khajiit which is a human cat. I got to level 4 cause I only played two hours

lerae added this comment  2012-02-17 09:14:01-06:00

Dose any one else find it hard to free write? I do i can't think of what to write. I think its hard to write these comments with out any thing to write about. Hey look at that i found something to write about after all. Sweet I'm done.

warrior6562 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:12:16-06:00

The thing about free write is the process of finding what kind of crap you plan on writing about. Different subjects mean different amount of words or sentences that you can come up with on that subject. Having different subjects in mind might help a little. Talking about a subject that you know well will help allot. Look at this for example.

speedfreak99 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:12:08-06:00

I like cheeseburgers. The Giants and Colts are my favorite football teams. The Celtics are my favorite basketball team. RED SOLO CUP. Toby Keith is my new favorite singer, just because of Red Solo Cup.

popluarista added this comment  2012-02-17 09:10:35-06:00

Goin' to a lock-in tonight with McKayla. It's gonna be so much fun! But first we're going to go bowling. Gonna have a good time. ~*~Peace~Love~Happiness~*~

lulubell56 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:10:21-06:00

I hate math. I have to study for the science test. I don't like school. my brothers and sisters have ball games torrommow. I wish that i didn't have to go to school at all.

wilkinz123 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:07:43-06:00

People think I'm crazy. Crazy no such thing. People think I'm crazy. Crazy no such thing. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy!

eliza783 added this comment  2012-02-17 09:07:09-06:00

I like the background on this glog. Also i like colorful things. I am also tired. i am reading a book called fire horse. Fire horse has alot of read on it.

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