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About me

  • About me

    describe myself??...not good at that kinda thing
  • Music

    SUM 41, GREEN DAY, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, YELLOWCARD, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, SIMPLE PLAN, AND TONS MORE! I'm into rock, alternative, punk,emo, and grunge...not so much country :/


    House M.D., 24, Merlin,That 70's Show, Community... Fracture, Pineapple Express, Sherlock Holmes, Cop Out...
  • Lifestyle

    *shrugs* i do pretty much anything to keep me from dying of easily entertained.


    0-0 ya...sports arent my thing...although i love watching live football/hockey games!
  • Arts

    0-0 wish i could draw, but everything ends up lookin like shit


    ur mom

It's Been Awhile-Staind

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