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About me

  • About me

    i have blueish greyish greenish eyes cause they change colors :D i donated my hair for cancer patients so ill see what color it is. annnd im 5'3" and im 18 and a college freshman! imma band geek too :D
  • Music

    uhm hello?! music MANIAC!!! hahahaha i would listen to like anything and be fine with it :) so if u ask a fave dont cause theres too many!!! i play the flute piccolo and now i can add to my list trombone!! :D


    horror movies?! haha theyre amazing! idk how people are terrified of them. the people are stupid hmm lets go towards the strange noise..lets go up the stairs even though theres open windows on the bottom floor.
  • Lifestyle

    when its not with the music department its at work and when its not there its me on here or reading a good book :D lol ^^ ima geek i guess yew can say that!! :D


    i used to do tae kwon do but i havent been there in a while. and when i was in school i did marching band. IT IS NOW A SPORT :p other than that no just leisure bike rides
  • Arts

    ok photography is amazing!!! theater ok depends on the kind of opera it is...not like the boring stuff cause thats not good.


    yew can ask me anything!!!! to a LIMIT! no perverted questions PLEASE! hahaha but im really nice once yew get to know me :) please dont be sendin me messages with anything mean in it. its not right! byezzzzz XD

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