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Sitting On the Rooftop...

Sitting On the Rooftop...


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asleepwithcompasses added this comment  2009-10-19 23:17:04-05:00

Stunning, brilliant entry. BUMP! ~ aw/c

musicmaniac300 added this comment  2009-10-19 20:52:22-05:00

awww this is so good! wonderful glog mycau once again :) good luck :)

missb14beatris added this comment  2009-10-19 19:56:25-05:00

my father left me and my family to move to another state and forget we existed. i feel ur pain =[ this really touches my heart

yours003 added this comment  2009-10-19 19:32:06-05:00

this hitts me like school bus lol love it

meghancrepsley13 added this comment  2009-10-19 17:41:58-05:00

Totally one of my favorite songs! Great job!

ceece added this comment  2009-10-19 17:07:22-05:00

wow really good im impressed with your work

queenmaddy added this comment  2009-10-19 16:23:19-05:00

omg!!! wow! really good! how do you do such good glogs!

xxsupwithuxx added this comment  2009-10-19 16:14:55-05:00

awww.. omgg! i luv this songgggg! added to favz :] awsome glog

carrottruffle added this comment  2009-10-19 10:57:09-05:00

absolutely stunning

carrottruffle added this comment  2009-10-19 10:55:51-05:00

absolutely stunning

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