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dianacochoau added this comment  2011-06-26 18:59:32-05:00

Lisbeth I love your glog, you include all the important things in your life. It´s interesting!!!!!!

zezon added this comment  2011-06-25 12:32:57-05:00

Hey Lis, thank you for having me among your close friends. I am really proud of you.

evelynizquierdo added this comment  2011-06-25 00:53:43-05:00

Wonderful work, Lisbeth! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I am also proud of you. Thank you for this gift. :D

bibita added this comment  2011-06-24 21:23:29-05:00

I invite you to get into my glog and comment

bibita added this comment  2011-06-24 21:22:17-05:00

Beautiful work Lis, feelings arise nicely from your pics, thank you

msangroniz added this comment  2011-06-24 16:56:48-05:00

Very very nice Lis. I like it. This Glog thing helps to know a little bit more about the person behind the teacher.