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night without moon.

night without moon.


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enfer added this comment  2012-07-23 17:09:17-05:00

i remember going on that site for first time. lol good old times.

thesebrilliantlies added this comment  2012-07-17 15:03:30-05:00

But, I like this song on your default! You make me happy Jason. I love all your stories, and your face <3, and you. I'll be here always. [= Promise to stay this wonderful.

nepjune added this comment  2012-07-17 00:47:55-05:00

popii added this comment  2012-07-14 14:42:16-05:00

You need to stop disappearing. Like really; it's driving me crazy. <,<

popii added this comment  2012-07-07 18:57:58-05:00

Mhm, you're too perfect, darling. <3

toolazyforspacebars added this comment  2012-07-07 15:16:49-05:00

omg...u srsly did that *facepalm* that just...

arrivalnotes added this comment  2012-07-06 19:05:18-05:00

Unf. ♥

arrivalnotes added this comment  2012-07-06 14:05:39-05:00

Omg, when I clicked on your picture <.< This is why you're the coolest kid. ;D

fallenstarsfromskies added this comment  2012-07-05 09:30:01-05:00

Your so beautiful. :)

dcskategirl added this comment  2012-07-05 00:27:03-05:00

I fucking love you too JayRose.<3

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