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    I always accept friend requests so go ahead and add me :) I love getting comments/ messages about my glogs so drop by and leave one ^_^ --I'm not on here very often until I get a better laptop so I'm sorry if it takes me awhile to respond to you. Also, I will not be making anymore glogs until I become less busy and get a new computer. :/ --I'm on the yearbook staff and have a 3.5 gpa and am taking mostly advanced classes so don't think you can outsmart me because it isn't happening. I like reading and listening to music. I have a livejournal community where I make icons and banners so go check it out! :)--
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    Paramore, Flyleaf, Boys Like Girls, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Tokio Hotel, The Ting Tings, Breaking Benjamin, Ke$ha, Breaking Banjamin, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Regina Spektor etc.


    Family Guy, The Nanny, Southpark, Cupcake Wars, Cake Boss, Hair Battle, Outsourced, Pretty Little Liars, Still Standing, Reba, X-Men, HIMYM
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    Don't just friend me if you're only going to send me "look at my glog!" messages...It's annoying. I don't do that to anyone, so don't do it to me...If you do, I'll just delete the message.

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