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I Have A Slight Obsession...

I Have A Slight Obsession...


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livelovechior added this comment  2012-04-01 19:52:47-05:00

wow taytay

ninjapowerxd added this comment  2012-03-23 20:13:48-05:00

People change...

s5hoj7am added this comment  2012-03-23 20:03:59-05:00


livelovechior added this comment  2012-01-09 17:46:25-06:00

its not slight its major

ninjapowerxd added this comment  2011-12-29 19:38:57-06:00

it's darien!!!! (look below)

bubblelover99 added this comment  2011-12-29 16:38:16-06:00

lol! this is darien!!:)

ninjapowerxd added this comment  2011-12-28 17:29:35-06:00

well that's what i was going for

justhayley added this comment  2011-12-28 07:46:09-06:00

'o' Its a rainbow.. OF ELIJAH SHIN(s) ....

ninjapowerxd added this comment  2011-12-25 22:13:16-06:00

I did shut up when we performed on friday but i messed up my notes when my eyes wandered into the bleachers and onto him..... I got the Percy Jackson Books too. I pretty much got almost everything I asked for this year.

s5hoj7am added this comment  2011-12-25 18:09:13-06:00

a slight obsession?!?!?! just shut up already!!! :) i got nothing good for Christmas... I hate Christmas... OH NO IM TURNING INTO MR. SCACCIA!!!! :/ my fave present was i got all the Percy Jackson books!!! :D my own copies!!! :D

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