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About me

  • About me

    FUN!!!! LOL JK...umm I like guys. really HOT!GUYS!LOL!!! i love track and other sports, and having a good time with my BFF's!
  • Music

    RandB , rap, punk rock, heavy rock, classic, jazzy,country (sometimes) and slow love songs that make you want (sometimes do) cry!


    Twilight, Titanic, Finding Nemo , The Grimms tales , Stories from the Crept and the Lion King! BOOO--YAA!
  • Lifestyle

    i live with my mom,dad,and 11 year old brother. i have my own room FULL! of color and jazzy... but i absoluly l L- O - V - E The color BLACK! idk why just do!!!


    Track,Scoccer, Tennis , (and other things)
  • Arts

    Clay , Paint , and Paper Mesay


    I Love going too HANSMALL!!!....any mall is fine really!

my school project

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