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shaylachristinedavis1234 added this comment  2013-05-12 20:38:21-05:00

I LOVE Harry Potter and I thought the last book was the best. I agree with akki, it was VERY sad when Dumbledore die. It was sad when Dobby died too.

akki added this comment  2008-03-13 02:33:14-05:00

well, i like the glog, i love harry potter, but like etherian said, the last book was slightly disappointing... like she was so tired of the series, and she wanted to finish it off... and oh, in the sixth book, i hated to see dumbledore die :( i was so sad!!! :( i wept my heart out ....

jazz8891 added this comment  2008-02-28 15:38:26-06:00

I LOVE HARRY POTTER good job! i love the face :P all the books just kept getting better as i read them. and i read them all in about 1week lol and in the last book i cried so much, not even funny... well harry hermione ron and all the others pretty much grew up in a week for me, so it was the end it was sad... sorry for the long message :P great glog! kudos 5*

tihana16girl added this comment  2008-01-28 18:22:14-06:00

i love harry potter im a fanatic good job

elisedancequeen96 added this comment  2008-08-23 16:21:17-05:00

Daniel Radcliff is a HOTTIE!!!!

missemocutie added this comment  2008-07-24 19:14:07-05:00

how'd u make that face? IT'S WICKED!! anyways..awesome! :D

cazz added this comment  2008-01-23 16:21:39-06:00

This is really good well done :D

hipponini added this comment  2008-08-06 08:06:18-05:00

so cool~~~

alan123 added this comment  2008-07-24 12:24:14-05:00

Loveee this one *-*

angelsmith90 added this comment  2011-05-25 07:58:00-05:00

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