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"The Story Of My Life" By: One Direction


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lol1d added this comment  2013-11-21 18:17:36-06:00

love it ;3

vambie added this comment  2013-11-11 20:39:13-06:00

I love this song:)

onedirectionrocks06 added this comment  2013-11-08 20:34:06-06:00

Thanks guys (:

11944225 added this comment  2013-11-08 09:13:35-06:00

really amazing. i love it

victoriamorgan18 added this comment  2013-10-25 19:54:50-05:00

I like it. Awesome job on it. I am just now getting to hear it all. Its one of my favorites now.

onedirectionrocks06 added this comment  2013-10-25 16:32:28-05:00

Hey guys! I finally got to hear this full song it came out about 5 or 6 hours ago and its so beautiful so i thought i would make a lyric glog! I really, really hope you like it! This is One Directions new song "Story Of My Life" from their album 'Midnight Memories'. Enjoy!