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Escape the fate- situations

Escape the fate- situations


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brianna-22 added this comment  2014-11-11 06:47:52-06:00

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backbitten added this comment  2013-01-01 06:03:21-06:00

awesome song and nice hair color

lalavaughn added this comment  2012-08-28 09:23:04-05:00

like the song but wtf is up wit the pic have some class da fuck????????

tarkska added this comment  2012-08-05 17:47:46-05:00

nice de glog girl

beckabee added this comment  2012-07-17 10:19:53-05:00

people are fucking stupid. the glog is awesome but some of the comments on here are fucking retarded. Like you have to be brain dead to not understand the concept that this is just a picture from the internet. So keep your fucking fucked up comments to yourself cuz no one gives a shit.

menai added this comment  2012-07-14 13:46:18-05:00

love the makeup nd hair

kanine47 added this comment  2012-07-13 15:35:48-05:00

i um well this song is okay.but nice rock and roll

jenin101 added this comment  2012-07-13 14:13:34-05:00

first time hearing this song and im loving it

bowzrox added this comment  2012-07-13 13:43:43-05:00

Everyone who is just focusing on the PIC u obviously aren't a fan of MUSIC leave outcastcalltoarms ALONE n stop trying to ruin her DIGNITY n show some damn RESPECT god...

moonlightproductions added this comment  2012-07-13 09:50:20-05:00

I love this song and you made a creative glog, too bad some pervs manage to find it.

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