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About me

  • About me

    Heyy I'm Alexandrie or whatever you want to call me unless it's mean really anything works sometimes Jayy will get on my account he is my VERY GOOD FRIEND.... :3 yah that's it >_> I'll love Justin and Jayy FOREVER so yup DON'T flirt with me pervs :)
  • Music

    AA,SWS,TDWP,ITM,get scared,abandons all ships,adept,all-American rejects,breathe Carolina,BMTH,CYC,BC13,Coldplay confide,Eskimo callboy,Fit for rivals,good with grenades, he is we, NSN, ISMFOF,lovedrug,LOVEHATEHERO,maroon 5,Pierce the veil, a lot more


    Angel Beats,H.O.T.D.,soul eater,black butler,future diary,Elfen lied Another,Corpse princess,RIN,xxxholic,Rosario+ vampire, Deadman wonderland, Teen Titants,Puella magi madoka magic, yahhh all anime you get it
  • Lifestyle

    Dodo In school year I go to school get out of school walk to the highschool meet Justin go to his house and okay video games then go to Jayy's house and stay the night uhm on summer's go to Justin's house listen to music play video games then go to Jayy's house and do what ever xD yup i'm a geek/nerd whatever deal with it


    I don't really play them .-. On occasions I do usually when I'm forced I'm not bad at them just don't really like to do it I'd rather like play video games sooo yah I'm not fat either most people say that people who do that are
  • Arts

    Eh I can draw stick figures without the color......

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