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dystopian frequencies

dystopian frequencies


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dervishka added this comment  2013-02-11 13:58:44-06:00

Scary sound, huh, but very realistic

mgdebianchetti added this comment  2013-02-11 00:35:11-06:00

Nice, I like the eye. It brings the idea ofCharlie 13, Plurality, panopticon. Good.

p0llyanna added this comment  2013-02-10 15:35:40-06:00

Thank you all so much for your wonderful feedback and comments - it is really great to have other perspectives! Cheers - Nikki [ P0llyanna]

p0llyanna added this comment  2013-02-10 15:33:53-06:00

@hummelsiep - I know what you mean! Your description of the interaction is what I was hoping viewers/users would experience - Brilliant! Nikki

p0llyanna added this comment  2013-02-10 15:30:34-06:00

@annaconway - The helicopters and other images expand when clicked on. This was my first Glog so I was learning as I went along!

lazaroortegaaranda added this comment  2013-02-10 11:47:14-06:00

Watching your glogster I feel scared but actually I believe in utopian about social media. Thanks for your job!

transcendentalpi added this comment  2013-02-10 07:20:33-06:00

I tweeted this but I particularly liked the Surveillance link. It added a personal touch even though it was creepy!

hummelsiep added this comment  2013-02-10 07:00:56-06:00

I love this, well done. It's almost like an adult version of those baby toys where you press a button, turn a dial and get something different every time. A noise, a texture, moving object etc.

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ccmcq added this comment  2013-02-09 20:55:21-06:00

This is fantastic! Brings the concept to life in a unique way, with thoughtfulness and clarity. Well done.

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annaconway added this comment  2013-02-09 14:38:21-06:00

How did you make the helicopters expandable?

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