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About me

  • About me

    Hey guys(:... Well you should start by knowing that I'm a Christian(:, I love Jesus with all my heart<3, and he is my #1(:! I have the most amazing boyfriend i could ever ask for<33(:! My friends are amazing, I don't remember a time when they weren't there for me((:! My family is the best(:! I guess that's it(:... Any more questions? Message me(:! Bye my dears(:!
  • Music

    Jesus Culture Mercy Me Building 429 P!nk Carrie Underwood Jason Aldean Luke Bryan Sufjan Stevens


    Pitch Perfect What not to Wear Holiday Movies<3
  • Lifestyle

    Going to church(: Hanging out with my family, friends, and boyfriend<3 Reading Writing music Dancing<3


    Soccer<3 Volleyball Softball
  • Arts



    You gonna try to talk to me by saying, "Girl you sexy!" You gonna be sorry Honey Bear!


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