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About me

  • About me

    Heeeeeeey Der. I am Samantha. Peoples call me Sammi or Junior💕 California Life #Swag 😂 Haters gonna hate. All i gotta say is Bitch S👐erve 👋 I like Tacos 💖 Diamonds are a girls best friend(: -Yolo- Left Glogster 9.12.13 Baii
  • Music

    Depends on my mood tbh 💜


    Spongebob💎T.I and Tiny Family Hustle💎My Strange Addictions💎American Idol💎Americas Got Talent💎Americas Next Top Model💎Spongebob💎Disney Channel💋
  • Lifestyle

    I am the most laziest person ever. I enjoy it 💎 I can be a bitch sometimes. But that comes naturally c: I like new friends 😜Im weird 😂 Taco Bell is the lyfe nigga. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    💖Modeling💛Cheerleading💙Volley Ball💜Softball💚
  • Arts

    I cant draw worth a craaaaap. 😂


    I like this site, if your gonna hate go shit bricks.💩 Because i aint got time for dat. Add me😵 Message me😬 and Fan Me🙈 Follow me on Instagram && Twitter<< Left Glogster 0n 9.13.12 <3

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