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theonlyangelfromhell added this comment  2012-05-12 12:26:10-05:00

XD i love listening to a song and having no idea what they are saying hehehe they could talk about fucking someone into detail and i wouldnt even know teeheehee and Rin iz taller than Len! hes sapost to be short! oh what the hell??? >.< ♥

theonlyangelfromhell added this comment  2012-05-04 18:57:36-05:00

oooooo XD and 11 XD teehee cats cant count ^.^ ♥

rackle127 added this comment  2012-05-04 17:21:52-05:00

10! it sounds awesome! ^^

gothgirl added this comment  2012-05-01 19:39:38-05:00

10 being the best:) 10!!! i would love to read it..already it sounds very intruiging:)