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I don't want to be Cinderalla

I don't want to be Cinderalla


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rackle127 added this comment  2012-09-04 11:37:35-05:00

thnxs ^.^ @harry wats that suppose to mean?!

xxharrypotterfreakfanxx added this comment  2012-09-03 13:34:08-05:00

u never change -.-'

sheeny8 added this comment  2012-08-20 21:11:05-05:00

thnx for the warning its soo cute song i love THIS SONg....i love the cheetah girls song uve just inspired me to do girl power.....ill do it tonight who needs a guy to save ur butt everytime anyway, time to girls to be independent ur getting more amazing an more an more unique with ur style of glogs

rackle127 added this comment  2012-08-17 17:00:29-05:00

Shugo Chara theme lasts 16 secs before the actually song starts