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love in english version

love in english version


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lilmissunshine added this comment  2008-06-06 13:41:39-05:00

Lindo :)

andifeyrtr added this comment  2008-06-06 12:40:54-05:00

This is absolutely beautiful! I love it and a new fav! ~)o(~

scorpianking added this comment  2008-06-14 05:57:52-05:00

coool glog

scorpianking added this comment  2008-06-14 05:57:24-05:00

briza added this comment  2008-06-13 21:41:42-05:00


rodrigovieiraribeiro added this comment  2008-06-10 16:44:46-05:00

Thank you! I do the english version for my new friends on glogster! It´s yours!

mycau added this comment  2008-06-10 15:47:56-05:00

YAY!!! I loved the Portugese version... Even though I couldn't understand it... LOL But I knew it was great, and this English version just proved it to me!!! =) Very nice!!!

briza added this comment  2008-06-17 14:22:41-05:00

? What are my e-mail doing there??? hehehe, He is drunk

femisafarazareb added this comment  2008-06-15 03:25:52-05:00

Aww thank you for writing in english.. great glog by the way

raisel added this comment  2008-07-29 23:04:14-05:00

This is really good :). Thanks for showing me ^-^

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