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Peter Sellers tribute

Peter Sellers tribute


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deweller added this comment  2008-06-04 16:28:54-05:00

O melhor personagem dele, é o do filme "Muito Além do Jardim" Inspirado no The Schoolmaster, do Magritte, justamente. BJã... belza!!!

andifeyrtr added this comment  2008-06-03 22:06:49-05:00

lol...He's a funny guy, I have all the pink panther movies. Wonderful work! ~)o(~

vivien added this comment  2008-06-03 19:06:10-05:00

cool but i didnt like him much soz.but rated it ok lol

patrix added this comment  2008-06-03 18:18:23-05:00

perfecto :)

kristenrei added this comment  2008-06-03 17:02:35-05:00

This is awesome!