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chalkdawg added this comment  2010-03-10 11:38:01-06:00

Some people are scared of clowns. Nuns always frightened me! Great glog. 5 woofs.

xoxsaraxox added this comment  2010-03-06 10:20:45-06:00

Kool glog!!!

bobbysouza added this comment  2010-03-06 07:01:56-06:00

Muito interessante seu Rick... Gostei do glog seu metido rsrs

ryckbueno26 added this comment  2010-03-12 01:53:33-06:00

Obrigadoo Marcinho......^^

marcinho added this comment  2010-03-11 23:51:09-06:00

ficou fera este glog

ryckbueno26 added this comment  2010-03-07 23:38:07-06:00


ryckbueno26 added this comment  2010-03-10 22:58:37-06:00

you have fright of nuns? i don't knew there were people who were afraid of nuns... sorry, don't was my intention.... thanks.......^^